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Summer Camp Is On Its Way!

School is almost over, but the Matènwa Community Learning Center is gearing up for its 9th annual summer camp. We have planned a range of activities for 300 participants of all ages— students from preschool through high school, MCLC teachers, and even adults from surrounding communities. A typical day will be filled with:

  • Morning professional development workshops for teachers. This year includes trainings on entrepreneurship and leadership and will include 11th and 12th graders and recent graduates.

  • A delicious mid-day meal for all participants made with locally sourced ingredients.

  • Afternoon recreational and cultural activities involving sports and games; arts and crafts; creative writing and bookmaking; and cultural activities including dance classes and music production in our Beat-Making Lab.

We are also welcoming new volunteers who are interested in helping the Matènwa community! To learn more about how you can help us, please click the Get Involved menu!

Photographed by Nancy Farese

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