Creole Gardens

Creole Gardens

Matènwa's most impressive example of hands on learning is in their gardens. It is here they are introduced to the concepts of child-centered learning, investigation, and critical thinking. All students learn every aspect of how to make a successful organic vegetable garden and fruit tree nursery. They work hard every week, tilling the beds, measuring, planting, hauling water, weeding, and removing insects by hand. They collect manure by the sack from surrounding fields to add to the compost pile. Their nutritious vegetables are harvested and sold to a group of women that run a business that provides a hardy school breakfast five days a week.  The gardens have become a popular focal point for this community and all the other communities that are learning from Matènwa. Local farmers are becoming more eager to take up the practice of making small organic vegetable plots after having repeatedly lost big fields of corn to drought over the past few years. 


MCLC's goal is to educate and inspire all communities to be engaged in  protecting their environment  in an effort to save Lagonav. 

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