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Our  Philosophy

MCLC (known as LKM locally) believes that the people living on Lagonav, not outsiders, know the problems and strengths of their own communities. Rather than carrying in solutions from the outside, LKM walks with school communities through a guided experiential process.  Through Reflection Circles and Open Space Technology, people begin to recognize that knowledge, confidence, and self determination can be found in their own experiences and histories. Wisdom is present in their own circle process of inquiry. At LKM we believe an active participatory education offers tools and skills needed for building effective institutional and cultural practices. We believe that education is a conversation. 


Friend's of Matènwa's role is to help the Matènwa Community Learning Center (known as LKM) find resources while building local capacity to manage those resources for the benefit of the community at large.  


The relationship between FoM and the MCLC models a depth of understanding rarely found between international NGOs & the communities that they are trying to help.

Our  Mission

Our mission is to be a democratic model of hands on education that reflects the learning and growing possible in one’s local environment. MCLC uses methodologies that have been tailored to their culture through experimentation, evaluation, and modifications, resulting in the present implementation of highly successful practices.


We seek to empower the local community in their ability to reflect and determine their own solutions, thus creating a healthy interdependent relationship when seeking resources, financial or material, from AID agencies.



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