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Insitute for Learning  

Institute for Learning 


The Institute For Learning provides a series of one week teacher trainings for schools seeking to find a more effective way to teach. Teachers and directors have been coming to Matènwa, Lagonav from all over Haiti to learn through observation, dialogue, and hands on practice. They return to their own communities and try to emulate the Matènwa Way.  We hope that each school succeeds or surpasses us.

Our success in teacher training is well documented. Third graders in our Lab School read at an average of 73 words per minute with 100% comprehension. In 5 schools, after only two years of Matènwa teacher training, students improved their reading scores from an average of 0 wpm to 34 words a minute (DeGraff 2015. Mother Tongue Books: Learning to read in Haiti, Final Evaluation). Success comes from being a methodolgy tailored for the Haitian context.

Trainings Offered


1. Observation and Overview of the Matènwa Way


2. Creating A Participatory Environment (Circles, Principles, and Systems)


3. Education is a Conversation: Children's Rights


4. Integrating Organic Gardening


5. Mother Tongue Books Methodology


6. Psychology  of Learning


7. Reflection Circles


8. Early Childhood Development

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