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Giving Circles Program

The FoM Giving Circles Program allows you to give more thoughtfully and intentionally. Click the "Give Today" button to support established Giving Circles. "Sponsor Needed" buttons indicate Giving Circles that aren't yet established, and need an individual to lead the funding initiative.


For more information, please email

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Class of 2037

Class of 2036

Anel's Circle

Class of 2038

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Class of 2035

Angela's VC Circle

Class of 2034

Adrienne's Circle

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Class of 2032

MaryRose's Circle

Class of 2033

Class of 2031

Bruno's Circle

Class of 2030

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Class of 2029

Heather's Circle

Class of 2028

Class of 2027

Class of 2026

Class of 2025

Class of 2024

Class of 2023

STEM Program

Breakfast Program

MCA Academy's Circle

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Jodi 5 oktòb 2022 mèt Acnard ap  fè kou ak timoun NS4 yo sou dekantasyon ak diferans  dlo

Community Garden Fund

LKM Library

Summer Camp

Music Education

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If you are interested in sponsoring a Giving Circle, please contact us at

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