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Experience the wonder of Haiti: A vibrant country filled with a rich history, a diverse culture and and some of the hospitable people you will ever meet.


Travellers who make the voyage to visit the community of Matènwa, each speak of having a   transformational experience and are eager to return....


Visit Haiti

The Matènwa Community Learning Center organizes ecotours for travellers who want to have a cultural experience in the Haitian countryside. Ecotours consist of living with a host family in the community of Matènwa from one week to one month. A longer creole language immersion program is also available. You can experience a variety of things here depending on your personal interests.


Matènwa is situated in the remote mountains of Lagonav, a Haitian island in the bay of Port Au Prince. This mountanous 10 mile by 47 mile island is home to 110,000 people. It is very rustic, having no public electricity nor running water. 


The weekly fee covers room, board, and daily life activities. English speaking guides  can be hired by the half day or whole day. This program was created to generate income for the Matènwa Community Learning Center as well as your host family. Individuals, couples, and families are welcome. Our youngest visitor was 9 months old and our oldest 76 years old. For more information call +732-207-6553 or email


Cultural Exchange Experience

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