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Friends of Matènwa

91 Aberdeen Avenue

Cambridge, MA 01773

Tel: 617-543-8844

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© 2015 Friends of Matènwa. 

Our People

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
  Insititute for Learning  

      Balaguel Joseph            Abner Sauveur                Ezner Angervil              Vana Edmond                     Feronel Jean                     Eligène Deravil

          GARDENER         DIRECTOR of PEDAGOGY          DIRECTOR               TEACHER TRAINER                TREASURER                  AGROCULTURALIST             

From left to right. Absent: Roseline Obel 

MCLC Treasurer: Feonel Jean

Director of Pedagogy: Abner Sauveur

Institute for Learning Director: Ezner Angerivil

Elementary Director: Delson Engerville

Assistant Director of the Institute of Learning:

Roseline Obel

 Art Director: Cenel Louis

High School Director: Ednot Obel

Family Liaison: Roberne Magliore