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Every year in July, many visitors arrive in Matènwa to participate in one to two-week courses that the community has requested in advance.

The summer camp format consists of staff development in the mornings, a mid-day meal, and camp sessions in the afternoons. Children and adults from Matènwa and surrounding communities join with our visitors in the activities. Courses and workshops are led by visitors as well as teachers and older students from the local communities.


The informal environment provides multiple opportunities for honest exchanges on social, economic, political, and development issues of mutual interest. Friends of Matènwa Executive Director, Chris Low, is present for Summer Camp, contributing to its general oversight. 


Summer Camp

The Summer Camp Program is a great way to visit Haiti and the Matènwa community. A fun and educational program in transformational travel and cultural exchange.


Sign UP for SUMMER CAMP!!!

We are ready to welcome you to our July Summer Camp program. To participate, please contact us in order to start planning at least a month beforehand. To get started, go to our Visitors page for more information.

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