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Happy Mother's Day

Today, we honor mothers around the world for selfless dedication to nurturing, raising, and supporting without condition.

Your commitment to the work that we do has transformed mothering in Matènwa and many of its neighboring communities. In poverty-stricken, rural areas like La Gonave, the lack of basic necessities, resources, and support systems places serious burdens on mothers. Women in difficult situations turn to the Restavek system where they are promised that their children, as young as five years old, will receive food, clothing, and education in exchange for domestic child labor. Most often, this exchange turns into verbal and physical child abuse and deep-rooted trauma. There are over 300,000 Restaveks in Haiti. Your support keeps our students in their homes and gives mothers an avenue to educate their children in a happy and safe learning environment. Knowing their children can count on a daily breakfast, school supplies, textbooks, dedicated teachers, and an attentive school nurse provides hope for a better tomorrow.

We celebrate the kind of mothering you’ve made possible in the communities we support.

We wish all the mothers in your life and ours a very happy Mother’s Day!

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