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Part 2: The Competition Continues!

Did you recover from the last voting frenzy? Good! It’s time to gear up for the next.

Come see the live virtual pitch for our second project Room to Grow: Accessible Housing for Rural Haiti on Tuesday October 26, 2021 at 7pm. Please come! Your support carries us forward. RSVP here.

Matènwa’s Emergency Committee has been building eco-brick homes for years in response to natural disasters. We want to shift our efforts from disaster response to sustainable housing because the lack of dignified shelter in rural Haiti is its own crisis.

  • The average household crowds 8 people under one roof

  • 85% of income is spent on food, leaving little to invest in decent shelter

  • Families take years building brick by brick, cutting costs by skimping on material, resulting in less-sturdy structures vulnerable to natural disasters.

Our initiative promotes homeownership on Lagonav and promises safe shelter, immediate move-in, non-profit financing, and flexible payment terms. Our homes come with water access and garden plots as part of a grow-sell model. Not only do Lagonavians have a place to live, but also a sustainable way of paying for it.

With $150,000 in investor tank funding, we will:

  • Buy and transform undesirable land to build 24 homes on mountain sides

  • Create arable land using terracing and tree planting with water access to make growing possible year-round

  • Use an eco-brick technique for sustainable building and waste management

  • Train prospective homeowners on a grow-sell model to drive up household income

Help us open doors by tuning in to hear our pitch. We will need your votes for a shot to win $150,000! RSVP here.


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