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Water is Flowing!

Water IS flowing! The trench from the deep well to the school is dug; eight solar panels, a 3000-gallon fiberglass chateau on a raised platform, and two water fountain stations are all in place. Pumps and rubber piping have been installed, so that water now travels up the hill to our gardens. With access to water 24 hours a day, MCLC’s school gardens will be able to grow plants throughout the year, in turn yielding more produce and creating more seeds for replanting. We’re thrilled because this project means less food insecurity, particularly during drought season, which is notoriously rough on Lagonav. Matènwa will continue to be a leader in providing its community and surrounding communities with trainings and technical assistance to grow their own food. We thank the McMillan-Stewart Foundation for believing in and supporting a dream that Matènwa has been working hard to make come true! Special thank you to all our supporters who generously rallied together this past Giving Tuesday to help reach our funding goal!

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