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Ways to Survive

As our present pushes forward in difficult and uncertain ways, survival holds a multi-layered definition that is unique for each of us. Self-preservation is not only in mask-wearing and hand-washing, but also in finding our center and remaining hopeful amidst the chaos.

I’m writing you to invite you to pre-order Ways to Survive, a meditative handbook of poetry and paintings, intended to nourish ones inner spirit, created by the Vice-President of our Board, Donna Haig Friedman and her long-standing Turkish friend, Berna Kahraman.

You can see their book and its story at: For a better reading experience, use a laptop or a desktop computer.

All proceeds will support nonprofits that the creators are deeply involved in. 100% of book sales made by ordering and paying for Ways to Survive through this link directly benefits Friends of Matènwa and the families we serve. Please forward this e-mail to your network.

Here is how the process works. By clicking on this link, you can order the meditative handbooks at $20 a book. We expect the books to be in print in the summer, at which time your order will be mailed to you.

I hope you’ll order a book for yourself and consider gifting copies to all your friends who would appreciate this unique contemplative pairing of art and poetry.

You remain in my thoughts...

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