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Meet Janose: Fierce mother, excellent cook, unforgettable host!

If you've been to Matènwa and stayed with Janose Remedor, you would agree that she is an unforgettable host. On any regular day, Janose can be found cooking on the wood fire outside of her house, taking walks to her friends' homes with her devoted dog, Chana, trailing behind her, or lounging on the buffet in her yard tending to hair and listening to one of the many CDs she has in her huge, 90s style boombox. Her daughter, Shoodlie, is an 11th grader at MCLC, where Janose herself took several adult literacy classes. She recognizes how rare it is to be able to send Shoodlie to a school with books and supplies, dedicated teachers, and no corporal punishment.

She is grateful to MCLC because it is providing her daughter with a great education and has supported her entrepreneurial efforts. Janose is one of several women who cook for the school's Breakfast Program on a rotating basis, almost like a catering service. Because of this, she and Shoodlie are guaranteed at least one meal per day.

Janose was my host mother during my visit to Matènwa in mid-September. During the first few days, we had a hard time communicating because she does not speak English or French, and I do not speak Creole. However, after several days we fell into a rhythm; one of us would say a few words in French or Creole, the other would guess the context. A nod and a smile meant we got it. Her sunny disposition and caring attitude are what make Janose an amazing mother and host parent to all of her visitors.

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