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Meet Dieudony Jeanphilippe!

Dieudony Jeanphilippe is one of MCLC's 2018 graduates, having passed the 13th grade national exam in June. While speaking with Dieudony, his love for MCLC was evident. Up until the end of 6th grade, he attended his father's primary school, which is just down the road from MCLC. In fact, Dieudony's father has benefitted from teacher training at MCLC and has put that knowledge toward his own school. While speaking about his secondary education Dieudony said that MCLC changed his life by allowing him to feel free. Although MCLC pushes students to study hard and commit to their work, he realizes how lucky he was to learn in his Mother Tongue, and in an environment free of corporal punishment.

Dieudony speaking at graduation.

He expressed his appreciation for subjects such as computer science, music, and woodworking. Dieudony's favorite subject, biology, inspired his desire to study agronomy. He is currently working on his applications to programs in Port-au-Prince, where he hopes to study before returning to Lagonav and giving back to his community. In time, he hopes to work towards changing Haiti's agricultural system, as he is aware that the country imports too much food rather than focusing funds on improving its own food production. When asked what piece of advice he would give his 7th grade self, Dieudony said, "I would tell myself to work harder, because even though I passed the national exam, I know I could have scored higher if I had pushed myself to study more and do better in class." Despite this advice to his younger self, Dieudony recognizes his immense accomplishments, and knows that his family is proud of him. He would recommend MCLC to every student on Lagonav because "everything about the school is life-changing."

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