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November 2016 Update

Dear friends of Matènwa,

It has been nearly a month since Hurricane Matthew ripped through Matènwa, but the aftermath of destruction remains. From massive loss of crops to piles of rubble where homes once stood, the devastation is brutal for those who are lacking shelter and suffering from shortages of food and drinking water. In Matènwa alone, 33 homes need immediate repair. With an average of seven per household, an estimated 231 people are affected. Our goals are to repair all 33 of those homes while alleviating the food insecurity that remains since Matthew. Thanks to your continued support, our relief efforts and emergency committee are making significant strides in bringing Matènwa up from under the debris. Immediately after the hurricane, we fed 250 families and have kept an open door policy of one meal per day for those in need. We have already raised the money to rebuild fourteen homes. Because of the strength in our community of supporters, we are confident that, together, we will fund all 33!

Our First Mobile Clinic

Two weeks after Hurricane Matthew, we organized a mobile clinic in Matènwa. We welcomed all neighbor-ing communities. News of our mobile clinic spread farther than we expected! To kick off our 2-day event, we offered a class on preventative practices against infections and diseases, paying particular attention to cholera after the storm. We managed to complete 169 consultations- 52 males, 110 females, and 7 babies. Our event ended with happy patients who were eager to know the date of our next mobile clinic. Dr. Noel was very happy because he got to help people on this island, that he had left at age nineteen!

Back in Action at LKM

After missing one week of school because of Hurricane Matthew, our students were eager to get back to the gardens. They assessed hurricane damage, inspected for insect invasions, and performed routine maintenance. They were happy to report that most of the school gardens survived the storm! The students were also thrilled to get back to their favorite activities such as partnering up in computer class and dancing to drums!

A Million and One THANK YOUs

Because of your support, we are surviving the storm! Although we know the road ahead is long, we feel comforted knowing we can always count on your tremendous support and good will. We thank you for your generosity and willingness to travel this road with us!

~Makanacky Magloire, MCLC Communication Coordinator & Chris Low, FOM Executive Director

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