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Animals Lost in Hurricane Matthew

The neighbors around the Matènwa Community School do not have much. And now they have even less. The nation that liberated themselves from slavery, this great black nation, continues to suffer because of the history of greed and colonization. Did you know that Haiti had to pay France a huge sum of money before they agreed to not invade the nation? Did you know that the majority of Haitians still are being colonized to this day through the practice of using French text books in elementary schools which, I would argue, highly contributes to an 80% failure rate of students to move on to middle school. As we attempt to ease the loss through giving out temporary food support, help us finance permanent solutions such as quality housing and a quality education. This kind of vulnerability and suffering should not be the norm. Living in shacks of random sheets of tin, rocks and sand that cannot hold up to the elements is just unacceptable. Would you tolerate this for your son or daughter? We can make a difference, we have made a difference, let's continue to make a difference. Contribute now to 33 homes for 33 families.

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