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LKM Getting on Its Feet After the Hurricane

I am proud to share that LKM opened its doors today,, giving their students a sense of normalcy today. They also had a meeting with several of the other school directors from our 40 school network on Lagonav. Already our partners at Beyond Borders have started to fund raise to help 100 families in the 9 communities where we work together. There is hope in 9 communities across Lagonav.

The Matènwa community is exemplary in how it bands together and continues to support more than itself. Even after the earthquake, when so many homes had been shook to rubble, Matènwa decided to share its resources with the surrounding communities. It could have just rebuilt for its own, but instead it built 24 homes in other communities while it rebuilt a handful at home as well. Matènwa has faith that you will walk beside them as they make plans to rebuild permanent solid homes for every Matènwa family that were battered by this natural disaster. We want to remove this yearly threat. We are thinking long term. For very little money 2500 a family, there basic human right to shelter could be fulfilled.

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