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Matènwa's Emergency Committee Responds Quickly

On Wednesday, October 5th, LKM's Komite Ijans (Emergency Committee) staff brought some comfort to families after a night of unrelenting winds and rain that killed many of their animals, all of their crops, and beat their walls of shelter till they cracked and fell. The committee distributed rice, beans, and cooking oil out to 250 families, both student families and other families in Matènwa, including the elderly. Since school was closed because of the storm the cooks handed out what would have been rationed out for the primary school breakfast program and the secondary school snack. "Everyone received food who wanted it," said Abner Sauveur proudly. He also said, "We have counted 33 homes that need repair just in Matènwa alone. It will take time to walk around to all the students' homes to calculate the damages."

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