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Hurricane Matthew: Send Help in Time!

One of our teachers just sent a video clip he took from his window. The winds are raging.

He says he will send the pictures of all the damage when the wind finally dies down. He

says the roof is threatening to come off. They are planning to leave the house since it is not made of cement and more and more rain is starting to leak in.

The depressing pictures haven't been sent to me yet. But do I really need to see any before I write to ask you to give? Hurricane Matthew is covering Lagonav, a category 5 hurricane. Category 4 hurricanes have left neighbors homeless in the past. The pictures were of sticks and tin, the rains having soaked their walls till they were mush. Goats were lost, plants washed away or shredded from the winds.

Hurricane Matthew in Matènwa

10 AM, October 4th

Loosening the sheet metal.

12:00 PM

Please help us rebuild quickly and keep our children fed with one meal a day. Matènwa's

strategy is effective and frugal. The emergency committee goes out and records the

damage in Matènwa and neighboring communities. Then it asks for each community to

decide which families are in the most need. Our emergency committee works with these

families to rebuild together.

Your donations determine how many families we can help.

Please give generously. Don't leave Matènwa families out in the rain.


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