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Award of Excellence to reward the best schools in the country

Award of Excellence - School labels - to reward the best schools in the country

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) has launched the Excellence Award in recognition of public and private schools that are dedicated to provide quality education. This award is based on labels - for each category - with selected schools to encourage improvements in the education sector.

Posted September 27, 2016

"Comprised of four school labels, the Excellence Award carries a global vision of education sensitive to the problems and challenges of our society," said MENFP owner, Jean Beauvois Dorsonne, to put the award in its context. According to the Minister, specifically "to foster a dynamic in schools to promote continuous improvements of the quality of learning." For this launch, this year, they are not many schools that have reaped the reward. MENFP officials have nevertheless affirmed that there will be more schools next year.

For "the integration of science and technology in school life and in the community," The Catts Pressoir College got the blue label. MENFP officials have emphasized that this school along with its students have won many science projects. Guy Etienne, the Director of the school located in the heart of Port­au­Prince to Lalue, said, smiling, that his school is open to collaborate in the educational establishment and can bring the Haitian education system towards “Excellency”.

The green label was awarded to the S&H Caracol School for the valuation of the immediate environment of the child. "The school yard is green and flowery, students are involved in maintaining its beauty and cleanliness. Plant waste is recycled and recovered.”

The Ma Terre Noire Community School", located in the island of La Gonave, represented by its Director Abner Sauveur, got the blue label award since" this institution governed by the community relies on its strengths and values its students who write their own stories and make their own books."

The New Adventist Diquini College had the white label for advocating an "inclusive education" by accepting children with disabilities and registering in the regular operation of the school. The school is also home to the official examination center for students with disabilities.

By putting the focus on quality in schools, the Ministry of Education and Training has launched the Excellence Award "school labels" on Tuesday 27 September. It labels allocation system designed to reward public and private institutions on specific areas such as: environment, innovation, inclusive education, and academic performance. School labels are different colors (orange, green, white, blue). Everyone is focused on quality.

The orange label aims to reward primary schools and high schools that have demonstrated significant progress in academic performance of their students. Green label is awarded to schools that value nature and environmental protection. White label is awarded to institutions that recognize the abilities of the disabled and the value within a suitable curriculum. The blue label aims to reward primary schools where innovation is the spearhead of the pedagogical approach. Schools must be nominated by school networks at the Departmental Directorate of Education of their respective departments. This appointment must be confirmed by the national committee to obtain this label.

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