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August Update

August 2016

Dear friends of Matènwa,

Final exams are done, and school is out for summer! Thanks to your support, we completed another successful school year, here in Matènwa. Some of our students are currently in summer school for an extra boost in areas of weakness for a smooth transition into the next school year.

Caring for Our Gardens

Our tomatoes at MCLM are finally coming up, and the students are incredibly excited to see and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Students at our partner school, Sant Aplikasyon Granplèn, are caring for their own gardens. This past month, the kids were very eager to dig their hands in the soil as they learned about maintaining cabbage. They were particularly interested in methods to keep the caterpillars away as the vegetables flourish. These gardening programs continue to not only successfully engage and teach students, but also play a major role in combatting malnutrition.

Beat Making Lab visited Haiti, and our partner, Alliance for Children, made sure that MCLC was their main focus. Beat Making Lab travels the world to offer innovative workshops on music production, specifically creating and recording beats. They create webisodes documenting the results of their international collaborations. Our students were very receptive and enthusiastic about creating their own music. They were focused, determined, and never missed a beat!

Training Update: Balancing Gender Power

This past month, 27 teachers (11 female and 16 male) from 25 schools on Lagonav participated in a SASA! Rethinking Power’s training. Through workshop activities, participants developed an understanding of some of the causes and consequences of unequal power distribution between men and women and how they can work together to bring about positive changes in their communities.

Thank you friends for playing such an important role in making this an inspirational school year!

Samila Edmond, MCLC Direction Committee & Chris Low, Executive Director FoM

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