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April 2016 Update

Dear friends of Matènwa,

MCLC is continually seeking new ways to improve its programs and make learning more fun and collaborative. In this spirit, we are using paired reading to help increase fluency among students and promote peer collaboration. Students of different reading abilities, from different grade levels, are paired together to read aloud to each other.

The third graders are reading aloud to their new kindergarten reading partners in these pictures (above).

Learning Through Play

Students now have the option of playing fun educational games in the computer room during recess time. Because of the high demand there is a rotating schedule. There are several computer math and puzzle games currently available to the younger students. One of our current interns, Maureen Plaisimond, has also identified some computer games and applications that can be useful in the language classes. We are looking forward to exploring how they can be more fully integrated into the curriculum. If you know of any great educational computer game or application, especially in Creole, we would love to hear from you.

Learning Through Creation and Reflection

MCLC welcomes anew art teacher, Alan Caristin. Mr. Caristin will be teaching weaving classes to students from third grade and up, showing them how to make different types of woven chairs and other products. Here he is already at work with the fifth graders (on the left), leading a class on how to prepare the wood that will be used for a chair’s frame. MCLC students love their art classes because they provide an opportunity to develop new skills and create functional products. Another popular program among the fifth and sixth graders is Reflection Circles. In this program, students meet once a week to discuss a text that usually has a moral dilemma. They first read the story together, then break into small groups to read the text, then they come together in one large group to further share their questions and insights. During their last meeting, the fifth graders had a very lively discussion about the story they read, “A Thief Who Became Wise.” Through such discussions, students increasingly sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Samila Edmond, MCLC Direction Committee and Chris Low, Executive Director FOM

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