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Profile from Meg - February

I'm continuing to profile an LKM staff member, so you can get to know us better. This week's staff member is Roberne Magloire, a member of LKM's Direction Committee.

Roberne was born in Matènwa and has lived here his whole life. He finished eleventh grade (in the Haitian system, "segond") in the nearby community of Gran Sous, but was unable to complete the last two years of high school because he needed to work and support his family. He worked as a community health agent for World Vision, and later directed a small school in Matènwa. He has worked at LKM since its founding in 1996. Over the years, he has played many roles at LKM, including writing a school/community newspaper called "Kominote ap Pale" (Community is Speaking) and teaching health classes.

This fall, Roberne became a member of the Direction Committee. He describes his role as "making sure the school is working well, and that the administration of the school is done well, in a spirit of respect for each other." One of his favorite tasks in his new position is making sure that each child gets a hot breakfast each morning.

Roberne says that he has two visions for the future of LKM. The first is for the school to continue to add higher grade levels, and to continue to be a model for the country of Haiti, possibly even arriving at the university level. The second is for the school library to continue to be expanded and deepened.

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