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A Visitor's Reflection

This email just in from Chandi, a professor at University of Puerto Rico returning from Haiti. She teaches about creole languages and speaks Haitian Creole. She brought 3 students and a colleague from PaP with her to visit Matènwa last week as part of their visit in Haiti.

The experience was really amazing. Although one day is not enough to evaluate the full scope of the project, I can tell you that it is really visionary and a jewel with regards to the education of Haitians in their lang manman or mother tongue. It is in my view, the model that the whole country should follow so the country is finally able to stand on its feet.

It was not easy to get there, not just physically but because of our reduced means. But we received all the support possible and we are really more than grateful for the kindness of Chris and her staff, most especially Joelle. The chauffeurs were also very kind and helpful and also Remi when we arrived to Carries. We were able to stay at the house of Beyond Borders on Delmas 68 and Ima is also a jewel.

The students were also able to appreciate and experience living in a rural community in Haiti, if only for two nights. They and myself were enchanted by the fantastic work of the atizan women with embroidery, sequin and painting. It is really admirable and fantastic.

Thus, once again we are very grateful for the chance to visit Lèkol Kominotè Matènwa in La Gonâve. Our project K'Ayiti Pòtoriko is looking forward to having other Puerto Ricans visit this extraordinary effort in La Gonâve.

All the best,


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