Update from Meg - Library News

Library News

This week in Matènwa, we have some news from the school library. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on many improvements, both small and large.

A translation of the Dewey Decimal System into Kreyòl, for easy access.

We are making great progress on electronically cataloging all the books in the library (previously, we had a card catalog). This has already made it easier for us to locate and keep track of the books.

Most importantly, after a long research process, we are buying many more books to add to the library. This week, we bought books in Kreyòl for both primary and secondary levels from two publishing houses in Port-au-Prince, Kopivit and Anri Dèchan. They included:

-The memoirs of Toussaint Louverture, hero of the Haitian Revolution, translated into Kreyòl

-A collection of 500 traditional riddles

-Five books in the “Ana” series, which our primary students love: “Ana Pral Andeyò” (Ana is Going to the Countryside), “Ana ap Abiye” (Ana is Getting Dressed), “Ana ap Fè Manje” (Ana is Cooking), “Ana Pral nan Lanmè” (Ana is Going to the Beach), and “Ana Ale nan yon Zou” (Ana Goes to a Zoo)

-“Sezisman sou Sezisman” (Surprises on Surprises), a story about two children from the countryside going to Carnaval in Port-au-Prince

We are all very excited about the new books. Next week, we’ll be receiving a large order we put in at Educa Vision, a Kreyòl publishing house in the United States, and we will soon be buying books on psychology and education at Inivèsite Karayib, another publisher in Port-au-Prince. We still have money in the book budget for the rest of the year and are working on finding more sources for Kreyòl books in Haiti, and deciding what subjects and genres to prioritize.

Thanks, as always, for your support! We have many happy hours of reading ahead of us.

Starting this week, I will be profiling an LKM staff member each week, so you can get to know us better. This week’s staff member is Delson Engerville, librarian and director of the primary school at LKM.