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February 2017 Update

Dear friends of Matènwa,

One month into the new year and LKM is already bustling with activity! We are so happy to share all the updates that you have made possible.

Power in Numbers!

Over 400 advocates took to the streets of Nan Mango in Lagonav to spread awareness about the importance of Haitian Creole as the primary language in schools. Students, parents, teachers and community members marched and chanted while colorful signs and a spirit of change filled the air. Students recited their passionate poems about Creole. The Senfilip e Senjak school won this poetry competition. The LKM community stood proud to see their vision being pushed, celebrated, and validated by the attendance of several local officials.

Tablet Time!

We are sending a BIG thank you to Sora Edwards-Thro, who donated 10 tablets to LKM on behalf of Unleash Kids. LKM students could not wait to explore the applications on these new tablets which included Creole apps from A Connected Planet. Sora also trained our Institute staff and primary grades teachers on how to use Tangerine, an app to enter data into for the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA). This is an essential tool that will help teachers measure progress, and set goals for their students. Thank you, Sora and Unleash Kids, for supporting us in our mission to make technology accessible for our students and staff.

Game On!

Playtime is not just for recess. At LKM, we believe in an exciting and stimulating curriculum that keeps students enthused and eager to learn. Chris Low introduced some new logic games to LKM primary teachers this month, an excellent way to create some friendly competition and keep kids striving. Teachers and students are excited to have some new games to use during Choice Time.

Passionate Parent Conversations

Parents came to collect their children’s reports cards at their monthly parent meeting. Parent Liaison, Roberne Magliore, always encourages parents to ask questions and share concerns. Since LKM now has a 7th-12th grade high school parents wanted advise on how to speak to their children about reproductive health. LKM encouraged parents to have open conversations rather than lectures and physical punishment. LKM agreed to look for an appropriate curriculum to implement. Presently students have health classes with the nurse and use Where There Is No Women Doctor and Where There is No Doctor (both in Creole) as a reference.

Thank you for your commitment to our cause!

‘Til next time,

~Chris Low, FoM Director and Delson Angervil, LKM Primary School Director

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