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January 2017 Update

Dear friends of Matènwa,

Happy New Year! We wish you a healthy, prosperous, and successful 2017!

New Year, New Homes!

We have been working tirelessly to rebuild after Hurricane Matthew! We chose an environmentally- friendly and resourceful method that incorporates plastic bottles with the usual mix of concrete and sand.

The bottles are filled with dirt to become block-like! Not only are the walls sturdy, but they are also more resistant to natural disasters than traditional walls. We are repurposing the bottles to create shelter and redress the issue of plastic waste on the island.

Peer Power!

Student-to-student teaching is a powerful method in the classroom. Kids are immediately engaged when they are learning from each other. At LKM, we pair older students with younger ones to increase fluency and enthusiasm. It is also an excellent way to diversify education, break from the traditional teacher-student dynamic, and train children to collaborate harmoniously.

Excel in Excel

Our computer teacher, Maureen, has been designing her classes to integrate into each grade’s curriculum and build not only technical literacy but the ability to analyze. Our six graders have been collecting quantitative data from the gardens for their science class, so they are learning how to track and analyze measurables using Excel.

Building Blocks

Concrete materials are important in the classroom, particularly for mathematics, which is why we value them at LKM. This month, our first-grade teacher and staff developer, Vana Edmond, is designing trainings for our staff and teachers in our 40-school network on the benefits of hands-on education. She created counting blocks using familiar materials, like seeds, nuts, and beans. She made hundred-count sheets and ten rods. We are excited to not only help our students get a quicker and stronger grasp on math, but also encourage teachers to be creative and resourceful in their approach.

We look forward to the year ahead and are confident that

we will accomplish great things with you in our corner!

~Chris Low, FoM Director

Delson Angervil, LKM Director


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