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Pam's Art Exhibit for Matènwa!

Pam Smith, our dedicated volunteer, long-time friend, and talented mixed media artist has an exhibit on display at Lexington Pierce Gallery through December 31, 2021. All proceeds from the sale of her art are being fully donated to the Matènwa Community Learning Center in support of its programs.

"I love colorful, whimsical art. I work to combine color, texture, and pattern to create intense, visually

stunning images that also convey deeper messages.

Social justice, spirituality, and nature are common themes in my work, partnered with a sense of fun and whimsy.

I delight in the patterns I see in everyday objects. I am also fascinated with the ancient forms and shapes of mandalas - circles within circles, circles making circles, colors loud and clear, messages in the images or in written words which all combine as a vehicle for self-expression.

I have always made art - jewelry, necklaces, quilts, to name a few. In the last few years, I have become focused on mixed-media and collage, exploring a variety of techniques and combining different materials to communicate feelings about larger themes.

My mixed-media work has expanded my pallet and stretched my creative boundaries, so I now find inspiration from glass, canvas, wood, or cardboard, adding beads, broken or found trinkets, and natural materials. I paint, glue, and cut until my message is clear. "

Pam is passionate about her art and sharing her process. She especially loves meeting people who are as invested in rural Haiti's education system as she is. You can visit The Birds and The Trees exhibit at your convenience, or you can coordinate with Pam ( for a special one-on-one.


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