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Can Matènwa Survive Corona?

Here’s what’s happening:

The Haitian government declared victory over the Coronavirus and reopened factories. This will be a disaster. COVID-19 has yet to hit with full force in the Caribbean, and it is expected to intensify in the next few weeks. This is not the time to let up on lockdowns and strict social distancing measures. Market ladies and merchants from La Gonave are still traveling back and forth to bring in goods from Port-Au-Prince, where the mode of transportation is an overly cramped bus or pick-up truck. This movement may be bringing COVID-19 to La Gonave, but we can never know to what degree because there are no test kits on the island. People do not go to the hospital until they are extremely sick and in dire need of attention. The local hospital on La Gonave has only 10 beds to accept patients and three or four oxygen tanks but no ventilators or staff trained to work them.

Here’s what we know:

1. Education is the best form of prevention.

2. Hygienic kits are crucial for protection.

3. Mass hunger is likely to intensify.

4. The well-being of our neighbors has never been more important.

Here’s why we need you now:

Lack of resources and preparedness makes an awful situation worse. We want to reach Matènwa and 13 of its surrounding communities of at least 4300 families and over 22,000 individuals on La Gonave. We are seeking $40,000 to:

  • Supply hygienic kits containing soaps, disinfectants, and masks

  • Provide informational booklets in Creole on how to best protect, prevent, and manage in the time of Corona

  • Distribute dry goods like rice, beans, cornmeal and other grains

  • Fund virus-related medical expenses

There’s no amount too small. Every single dollar you give makes a significant difference for someone in La Gonave.

Thank you for your continued generosity!


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