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Congratulations Louiseda Sumé

Last year we were proud to announce 83% of our first ever graduating class passed the National exams. Only 37% of students passed these exams nation-wide. Now we are beyond pleased to share an update: 92% of our students passed the National exams!

Li se yon fyète ni pou fanmi m, ni pou lekòl la, ni pou tèt mwen.

“I made my family proud, my school community proud and myself proud,” says recent MCLC graduate, Louiseda Sumé.

A thoughtful and grounded student, Louiseda was crushed when she learned she didn’t pass the National Exams last year. However, she didn’t let that stop her from giving it a second go. As the eldest of four, she was determined to pass the exams, receive her certificate and continue her studies so she could qualify for a good paying job and help support her family. She began attending MCLC in preschool, paving the way for her three younger siblings; Katiana (9th grade), Dimida (8th grade) and Modeste (3rd grade). Their mother, Loretta is MCLC’s very own keeper-of-keys and also runs a small food business to provide for her children. She was ecstatic when she learned of her daughters’ passing scores and proudly spread the news. “My mother wrapped me up in a tight embrace, picked me up and screamed in excitement,” Louiseda says. “She told me that she was proud and that she loves me.” We could not be happier for Louiseda and her family. Her success is our success!

One of the concerns often brought up about Creole instruction is that it will negatively impact students' performance on national exams, which are held in French. Haiti’s national exams are notoriously difficult, preventing many high school students from completing their secondary studies. However the exam results of MCLC's first graduating class, demonstrate that learning French as a second language, will not hinder students' performance in national exams.

Now that Louiseda has officially completed her secondary studies, she would like to study French, English and computer science, “I also want to help give back to people in my community,” she says. We are inspired by our students and school leaders to continue our work by empowering the youth through education. We are so grateful to our supporters for helping motivated students like Louiseda accomplish such a mighty feat!

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