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May Update

Friends of Matènwa,

We’d like to fill you in on what we’ve been up to!

Fly High!

Thanks to Beyond Borders, the girls at the Matènwa Community Learning Center are flying kites. Each spring season, the skies of Haiti are full of bright, twirling creations but they are made and flown exclusively by boys. While they are out playing, young girls are overburdened with an endless load of domestic work.

A girl flying a kite is a sign of freedom that challenges gender inequalities!

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose!

The act of repurposing is major for Haiti since there is no developed waste management system. In honor of Earth Day, MCLC students collaborated to develop everyday items from tin cans and plastic bottles. One set of students (in the first and second picture below) created cups as well as coffee and tea mugs. Another student (third picture below) created a trash bin.

Say Cheese!

Our students received a seminar on oral health. They discussed good preventative practices on how to best care for their teeth and gums. They each received a toothbrush and toothpaste donated by Malden High School in MA.

Thank you,

D.E.A.R. Time

Every morning at MCLC, we make time to Drop Everything And Read!

Slam Dunk!

Move over soccer! Basketball is coming just in time for July summer camp this year! Students are already brainstorming team names!


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