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March 2017 Update

Dear friends of Matènwa,

I am pleased to share with you photos from my February trip to Matènwa. I was delighted to witness so many wonderful teaching and learning moments happening around campus.

1. Preschoolers plant with Balaguel.

2. Fifth graders study evaporation.

3. Parent harvesting carrots.

Teacher trainers from Fayerweather Street School, Cambridge, MA observed in LKM classrooms in order to design and implement afternoon trainings pertaining to what they saw. They helped teachers increase the depth and breadth of their own teaching practices.

4. Connie and Ingleed discuss with primary teachers what makes a good interactive morning message.

5. Benaja A. returns to fill in for Roseline Obel who we hope will recover quickly from a throat infection.

It’s exciting to see that LKM’s work is spreading across so many towns. Driving around on motor bike I saw people building cisterns, bottle homes, and preparing school gardens.

I also had the opportunity to dialogue with teachers and directors from Jacmel. It was wonderful to hear how inspired they were after observing in LKM classrooms. They were so eager to bring the practices that they saw at LKM to their schools on mainland Haiti.

Last but not least, we had a visit from Kellogg’s Program Officer, Alix Cantave. FOM received a Kellogg grant last summer to support a portion of our work. LKM is honored to be recognized by the Kellogg Foundation as a model school for Haiti’s children.

Together we can continue to be successful. Thank you for being part of this t![endif]--![endif]--

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