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February 2016 Update

February 2016

Dear friend of Matènwa,

We are always pleased to update you on some of our program

activities. Our weekly school assembly continues to be a big hit

among students and staff. The performances are great and often carry

important messages that students want to share with the community.

For example, the second graders recently performed a song with the

following lyrics: "Education enriches us. It uplifts us all when we

are down. Collaborate, lend your support. Education does not fall

from the sky. Join hands with us so this great work can continue.

Let’s put our minds together so we can work even better."

What we are Learning in Health Class

The third graders’ had a great discussion with the school nurse on

what good personal hygiene consists of . Together they

talked about how bathing frequently, brushing one's teeth 2 to 3 times a day,

wearing clean clothes, and sleeping in a clean bed all help

keep the body clean and healthy.

The High School

The High School

In keeping with MCLC's elementary reading model, the secondary school

also encourages pleasure reading. Pictured here are the eighth graders in the library. They have each selected a new book for the week.

Training Update

To help fight economic insecurity in Matènwa, GreaterGood is piloting a

jewelry-making initiative with a small group of artisans and MCLC parents.

GreaterGood facilitated another workshop this month on how to make

earrings, which will be for sale on If the

earrings sell well, the artisans will continue to receive technical

assistance. They will earn fair wages for their work and be able to

provide for themselves and their families.

Our teacher trainers at MCLC's Institute of Learning are excited to

see positive changes beginning to take shape at most of our partner

schools. In the pictures above and below, you can see materials posted on

what are usually bare walls of a classroom at the Community School

of Denyèmak and students working in their new garden at the

Agodag School. The Matènwa model is spreading!

Samila Edmond, MCLC Direction Committee and Chris Low, Executive Director FOM

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