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November, 2015 Update

November 2015

Dear friends of Matènwa,

We are pleased to present you with the latest update on our program activities. As we work to spread MCLC’s educational model to our partner schools, we want to keep sight of and improve within our school all the core elements that have inspired others to follow our example. To this end, we recently conducted classroom observations in all primary grades to evaluate our teachers and determine in what areas they need additional support.

Teacher evaluation in kindergarten

Every week, each class goes to the school library and selects books to bring back to class. They share and exchange their books with each other throughout the week. Here are our second graders are enjoying their books during morning silent reading.

Hands-on learning

MCLC seeks to continually offer its students the opportunity to experience what they are learning. Therefore, during a lesson on dental hygiene, the third graders did not simply learn about the best ways to brush their teeth from their teachers, they also got a chance to practice these techniques in school!

In the garden, the preschoolers learned about some of the differences between olive and carrot seeds. They used their senses to compare the color, size, and texture of the seeds. The fourth to sixth graders worked on transplanting some seedlings from the nursery to the garden beds and others into small plastic bags for distribution.

Training Updates

As part of a partnership with Beyond Borders, we recently trained 4 partner schools in a special accelerated education program for overage students ages 8 through 17 who have never attended school. It is designed to provide them the equivalent of a 6th grade education within 4 years. The training focused on the program’s curriculum and teaching methodology.

MCLC’s SASA! team also trained an additional group of people on how to conduct baseline surveys and focus groups in a near by community called Nan Kafe, to learn about the population’s perceptions and beliefs about power and violence against women and girls.

Vana Edmond, MCLC Direction Committee and Chris Low, Executive Director FOM


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