April 2015 Update

Apr 3rd, 2015 by Kathleen Walker. Comments are off for this post [Edit]

April 2015

Dear friend of Matènwa,

Our latest update is here! Please read and share the great news coming from Matènwa with friends and family. More and more trainings are happening, and more people are coming to see what’s all the buzz around our model is about.

Disaster Training and Community Empowerment

To increase knowledge of disaster risk and preparedness, Nickson Jean Louis, a principal in our LKM school network, facilitated a training for secondary school students and teachers. He covered how individuals can protectlapril15 2april15themselves and assist others during a natural hazard or major accident. He said that people who are injured during a disaster sometimes die because untrained rescuers lack the proper lifting and carrying techniques to safely transport them.

Sometimes, these rescuers end up causing even more damage to victims. He demonstrated how to help those injured or trapped under debris or rubble and then had participants practice several techniques of how one or two persons can carry an injured person.

Now, the MCLC community has been empowered to take effective action during a disaster.

Beyond Borders, CARE, and

the Haitian Ministry of Education Visit Matènwa

Last month we had three very special groups of visitors.